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Respect and Reason

It’s what drives our community and makes us different than your run-of-the-mill Discord Community.  Plus… we have bacon!


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Our active community is based on 2 main values; Respect and Reason.  We're happy to say, we've grown to hundreds of like-minded individuals who enjoy games from League of Legends to Minecraft to Among Us and so on...

We also enjoy frequent Movie Nights together, share funny and engaging content, and even mature content for 18+ members!

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League of Legends

One of our top community games!


Summoner's Rift

Engage in 5v5 combat with a team of diverse champions, each with their own unique skills and abilities to help you defeat enemies and destroy their base.  This game mode includes normal battles as well as Ranked gameplay that will keep you coming back for more!


ARAM (Or "All Random, All Mid") takes place in a frozen bridge, forcing all players into confined fighting space that amps up the battle's intensity.  Your champion is randomly selected for you, and you earn gold and XP at a much faster rate, making this face-paced game mode a favorite!

Teamfight Tactics

Recently, Riot Games has been producing several side-project games such as Valorant, the FPS action game with new champions to play, or Teamfight Tactics, an auto-battler type game where you must use your skills in planning and strategy to build your team and win!

Minecraft General.png

Limitlands Minecraft Server

MINECRAFT SERVER IP : limitlands.com

BaconHawk Industries has started an official Minecraft Server – called Limitlands!  This server is a community-based survival game, which uses protections for your builds by claiming chunks of land as part of a town; allowing you to invite residents to your town and build to become the richest and biggest town!

Towns can even band together into Nations, and wage war on each other!  There will also be constant updates to improve and add more features for PvP, PvE, and Minigame content to keep you busy playing with your friends!  Join the Discord by clicking the button below and select Minecraft as one of your #Game-Interests.


Among Us

Catch the Imposters - Lie to your Friends!

Among Us is a highly popular mystery game where you and your friends try to complete tasks to win the game, such as emptying garbage or swiping an ID card.  The issue?  One or more of your crewmates are secretly an imposter, who tries to kill the crew and sabotage the crew!  Your job is to convince the rest of the crew of your innocence and win.  Careful though, as you may end up floating off in space if your team suspects you to be an imposter!

There are many maps, character customizations, and game modes to try!  Click the button below to be invited to the Discord


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We’ve partnered with some pretty cool companies to produce quality products, branded with BaconHawk Industries logos, funny statements, and meme-worthy content!  When you purchase BaconHawk store merch, you help us do awesome things such as special giveaways, new content creation, and more server innovation that will keep everyone satisfied!

Click below to check out some of the stuff we’re making.  Who knows?  You might find some products you’ll love!